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Attractions in Fort Lauderdale Area

Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale Area

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Museum of Art
Int'l Swimming Hall of Fame/Aquatic Center
Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum

Everglades Holiday Park
Jungle Queen

Bistro Mezzaluna
East Coast Burrito Factory
Black Orchid Cafe
French Quarter


The City of Clearwaterclearwater sunset

The city of clear water can offer you more affordable, safer and more luxurious than many of its competitive cities.  It offers a temperate climate boasting with beautiful sunsets and inhabiting wild life.  A stay in the relaxing city of Clearwater can be just the vacation you’ve been looking for, with it offering you more than just a sunny day and a sandy beach.  Clearwater has one of the lowest crime rates in all of America putting your mind to ease is involuntary; the climate and friendly locals are nothing short of exceptional.  Amongst Clearwater’s world renowned beaches coincides an array of some of the most beautiful aquatic life you may ever see.  In Clearwater’s salt water beaches you can experience viewing some of nature’s most magnificent creations such as the coral reefs, starfish, puffer fish, seahorses and sting rays.  Its inhabitants will surely leave you at awe.  If you aren’t into getting sandy, perhaps you’d like to gently soar above the coast on a hang glider, with of course a certified professional there to keep a watchful eye on you.  Soaring over Clearwater’s beaches can be one of the most eye opening experiences you can imagine, enlightening you with views of underwater caves and crescents living amongst them all the beautiful colored fish and wild life.  A trip above the coast can truly put your mind to rest.


clearwater nightlifeOn the other hand, maybe you’d like to enjoy some of Clearwater’s nightlife.  Heritage Village is a place where you can be come infested with some of this century’s most breathtaking work.  It is opened late and is a much visited spot for both locals and tourists.  Collectively, Sunset Pier at 60 has got to be the liveliest place for night time and afternoon festivities.  There you can enjoy breathtaking music and skilled performers for a circus like atmosphere.  It is a celebration of the sunset that has taken place locally for hundreds of years; this takes place selected weekends each month. 


Clearwater Attractions

The city of Clearwater has a lot to offer besides the gorgeous white sandy beaches and the keen sunshine.  Clearwater is also the home of Busch Gardens, encompassing roaring roller coasters and an entangled wildlife refugee.  Busch Gardens is a place where you can experience some of life’s most thrilling rides and life’s most peaceful creatures.  It is home to hundreds of species including the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses.  You can walk and interact with hippos, tigers, koala bears, elephants and giraffes.  At the same time you can get an adrenaline rush riding such rides as Gwazi which is a traditional rollercoaster made of wood but it gives the rider a sensation of riding a bob sled more than a rollercoaster with its smooth twists and turns at thrilling speeds. 

 Or you can visit Clearwater’s distinguished Dunedin Fine Art Center/David L. Mason Children's Art Museum where you can view some of the most lavished canvases one has ever set eyes on.  Experience the works of such artists as Rebecca Larson, Maria Saraceno, Nigel Rudolph, Simon Boses, Jamey Grimes and Maggie Taylor.

Rebecca Larson                 Maggie Taylor                 Jamey Grimes                 Maria Saraceno