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Attractions in Fort Lauderdale Area

Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale Area

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Museum of Art
Int'l Swimming Hall of Fame/Aquatic Center
Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum

Everglades Holiday Park
Jungle Queen

Bistro Mezzaluna
East Coast Burrito Factory
Black Orchid Cafe
French Quarter



Key West Rental Car Vacation

sunrise of key west

Things to do in Key West

If you have never been here before, you are in for a real treat. There is a Key West attraction for every person. We have some of the finest saltwater fishing here. Whether you are an avid fly fisherman looking for the thrill of sight casting to tarpon as they cross a beautiful sandy flat in the Key West backcountry, or offshore doing some deep sea fishing and thinking about your fresh seafood dinner at one of our fine Key West Restaurants. Enjoy a relaxing trip on a smaller charter to view dolphins in the wild or to kayak in the backcountry off Key West.

key west snorkelingkey west sunkeywest sunrise

   Key West Snorkeling                    Key West Beach                         Key West Sailing

Key West is home to some of America's finest attractions and the most beautiful places you could ever dream to visit.  Dive down and experience what Key West has to offer, from the amazing coral reef to the divine aquatic life that swims by and around you.  Coming to Key West just may be the excuse you were looking for to lean how to scuba dive.

key west sunrise                                                       key west sun

          Key West Sunset                                                                                Key West Sunrise 


Key West History

Key West, like the other Florida Keys, began as a coral forest under the sea water - marine life was its population. As the polar ice caps reformed and the sea level dropped, terrestrial plant and animal life found its way. Soil was formed by decaying organic matter and storm actions. For millenniums the ocean continued to drop and the ocean currents, wind currents, birds, etc. continued to propagate the islands. Eventually human life forms found their way. This pyramiding of trillions of life cells, along with the forces of nature, produced an island called Cayo Hueso by early Spanish travelers.


Key West Hotels

key west hotel   key west hotel

                Hotels at night                                                        Hotels during the day 


Come lodge in beautiful Key West and relax and be a true native islander.  Life here on the island is so laid back and casual you won't have a care in the world, literally.  Key West has every form of lodging you can think of from a roadside sweet to a five star world renowned hotel that comes with every amenity you could possibly imagine. Hotels on the island can you give you a sense of being a king for your stay in the Keys.  Many hotels offer guided tours, boat rides, fishing trips and scuba trips.  We recommend you use these to your full advantage so you can experience Key West 100%.


The Southernmost Point in the U.S.


key west southern most point

When winter chills set around the state, islanders huddle around the monument also known as the Southernmost Point in the United States.

The marker, actually built to resemble a buoy, stands at furthest south tip of Key West.   The monument notes that Cuba is only 90 miles away, and just to its right, a plaque commemorates the brave Cubans who have drowned trying to get to America, and here stands their commemoration.

On the top of the monument is painted the logo of The Conch Republic. Twenty years ago, Key West, seeking to enhance its reputation as a free-wheeling, fun-loving, party without consequence kind of town, seceded from the United States, declaring itself The Conch Republic. Every April, a ten-day party celebrates the event. But if that's the case, then the Southernmost Point in The US is actually one key up, in Boca Chica.